About Us

Let us be a part of your team. Causeway Contracting can help drive the schedule of your project by paying close attention to every detail. We deliver successful projects for our clients because we provide the support necessary to help them meet their budgets. We strive to ensure our labor force produces exactly what designers and architects envision. Our field team is supported and motivated by a passionate management team. That combination results in the successful completion of each project we undertake, and we are proud to provide this level of professionalism and service to our clients. 


General Contractors, Architects and Owners remain steadfast and satisfied with the end product we deliver.

Our ability to communicate, meet deadlines and execute makes us dependable and allows us to consistently realize the client’s vision.

Our Mission

Causeway prides itself on having a unified workforce of highly skilled Carpenters, Tapers, Laborers, Project Managers and Estimators.

Our exemplary service and commitment to our clients is what sets us apart. Causeway prides itself on quality, efficiency, expertise and craftsmanship.